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The Challenges


Barcelona is looking for high-impact solutions to the following urban and social challenges to transform the city’s public services.


3 bicisReducing bicycle thefts in the city
To encourage more bicycle use in the city, Barcelona is looking for a bike parking system that enhances the security of private cycles.


2 socialEmpowering support systems to reduce social isolation
Barcelona is looking to support families and healthcare professionals in the care of senior citizens to reduce isolation and loneliness.


5 vianantsMonitoring pedestrian flows in the city
Real-time data on people distribution throughout the city enhances the management of Barcelona’s public spaces


6 museusTools for digitisation of museum and archive collections
Digitisation of Barcelona’s rich archives of books, manuscripts, photographs and other documents will enable this unique record of Catalan culture to be better shared with citizens.


1 calçadesAutomatic detection and alerts of damaged road surfaces
Responsive, efficient road-surface management is essential for ensuring a citizen- and commerce-friendly city.


4 comerçEmpowering local retail through technology
Improving the competitiveness of small local retail businesses by increasing their online visibility.

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