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How it Works

Below you will find:

  • BCN|Open Challenge summary: Process and Evaluation criteria;
  • Guidelines for submission: Key steps, Important submission information, Key dates and Documents check list.

If you have any further questions, please contact B:SM during the first 10 natural days after the publication of the International Tender Specifications.

This information does not replace the specifications and it is not legally binding.

 You can also download this information here: BCN Open Challenge How it works


BCN | Open Challenge summary

1. Process

Process ENG04


2. Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria have been developed for each phase to help support the final decisions.



Guidelines for submission


1. Key Steps

Key Steps ENG


2. Important submission information

  1. In order to submit, participants will need to provide one reference for the solutions or project (prototype stage is acceptable).
  2. Anonymity has to be strictly followed and applies to all stages of the Competition of Ideas. Non-compliance will result in exclusion.
  3. The contents of envelopes 2 & 3 need to be identical both on paper and online; otherwise the submission will be excluded.
  4. The submission deadlines for the paper and online applications are different. The paper submission deadline will take place earlier and, only once closed, will the online submission period begin. Both submissions are compulsory; failure to submit anonymous, identical proposals both on paper and online will result in disqualification.
  5. Submissions can be in Catalan, Spanish or English.


3. Key Dates

Dates ENG


4. Document Check List

Document Checklist ENG02

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