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Mobile for Inclusion: M-BCN Inclusion

ICT should be the future vehicle for the immediate relation between the administration and the citizens.  In fact, there currently exists certain lacks of communication between the citizenship and the municipal government, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the use of mobile devices open up a wide range of solutions for the interrelation between the administration and the citizens that should allow for a more agile, more efficient and much closer and personalised communication.

Furthermore, one of the major challenges of cities is active inclusion, that according to the European Union, includes three pillars that should be dealt with in a joint and coordinated way: the minimum salary, the social services, and the employment policies.

In this context, social care constitutes an unavoidable challenge that responds to the commitment of making the city of and for the people.  Therefore, it is necessary to turn mobile telephones into simple devices for the use of the groups of people with greatest needs.

“M-BCN Inclusion” is a challenge of the city of Barcelona for finding solutions that are adaptable to mobile devices with the goal of achieving social inclusion of collectives who are in situations of exclusion, risk or vulnerability.

The aim of this exercise is to find mobile solutions which are affordable, innovative, and oriented towards the end-user or citizens of Barcelona, so as to enable their active integration in the city.  Apps can be a solution, but other more complex technological proposals can also be presented.

M-BCN Inclusion focuses on the following groups as potential users with specific needs.

·         Disabled people

·         The elderly

·         Employable youths and long term unemployed

·         Low income sectors

·         People in situations of social emergency or personal urgency

This mobile initiative for social inclusion aims to facilitate the interaction between the citizens and the municipal administration, and also between citizens, and provides of services of integration in the city of Barcelona.

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