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Reduce bicycle thefts in the city to a minimum

The city of Barcelona is making an important commitment towards the use of the bicycle as a sustainable and safe means of transport, but one of the aspects that needs to be tackled so that the bicycle is introduced in the city of Barcelona on a massive scale, is to reduce the number of bicycles stolen. 

It is necessary to take into account that the risk of theft of a bicycle and the degree to which this affects the introduction of these in the city increases in accordance with the incorporation in the bicycles of technology such as electric assistance.

In this sense, therefore, if the aim is for the bicycle to become an important element of mobility in the city, we have to provide the maximum elements of security.

This is a problem common to other European cities, and for this reason, in different places around Europe bicycle registration is being implemented that allows the bicycle to be identified with the user. Often, however, these types of registers do not avoid the main element for which they have been designed, and moreover, neither do they facilitate the subsequent return to the owner.

The aim of this challenge would be, by means of a new robust and modern system of bicycle registration to discourage the theft of the bicycle, and at the same time, allow its subsequent recuperation.

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